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services / concept to completion

Depending on the size and type of project, a client may wish to appoint us from concept design through to completion of the construction on site. In addition to the duties listed in ‘statutory approvals’, under this scope of service we would likely also undertake the following:

  • Additional drawings required for construction purposes
  • Develop a thorough ‘Scope of Works’ document and package of drawings and documents to comprise the ‘Tender Package’. This would then be tendered (by us) to a number of local contractors (unless the client has one they would prefer to use from the outset).
  • Once a contractor has been chosen for the project, we would then administer the appropriate building contract on the client’s behalf. We are qualified and capable of executing various forms of construction contracts and would do so professionally in accordance with the contract.
  • Administering the contract involves regular meetings on site to inspect works and resolve any issues arising with the contractor and client, monthly valuations of works completed, issuing of interim certificates for payment and ensuring all parties are fulfilling their obligations under the terms of the contract. We would act as the main contact between the contractor and client and regularly liaise with both to ensure the job was running smoothly.
  • Following completion on site, we would inspect to ensure all works have been completed in accordance with contract documents, and certify the works accordingly. We would then make contact with the relevant local authority to arrange building control completion inspection.
  • Contract Administration continues for a set period of time following completion of the works, to ensure any latent faults are remedied by the contractor prior to a final payment being made.
  • Depending on the size and type of project, some clients may wish to undertake the overseeing of works on site themselves, which is perfectly reasonable. However, we have experience seeing projects of various scales, types and clients right through from concept design to completion on site, and are more than comfortable doing so. See below some images of projects that we undertook a ‘full scope of service’ role for.