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We understand that not everyone is as comfortable reading flat plans and elevations as might be, therefore we are able to offer 3D visualisation as part of any scope of service package, or even as a standalone service. By utilising advances in technology, we can produce 3D images of any type of project, from a basic spatial level of detail, to images showing furniture, lighting and more a more intricate degree of detail design.

There are such a wide range of possibilities with regards to production of 3D visuals, not only can the level of detail vary when it comes to these images, but so can the type of image produced. For example, a client may wish for internal images only, or they may require an internal image showing the interior design of a space with an external image illustrating the proposed massing in context.

In addition to ‘static’ 3D images, we have the capabilities to produce virtual interactive walk through tours of a project. These can be used to illustrate design intent to a client and allow them to imagine themselves walking through the spaces themselves, and they can be used by clients for marketing purposes if required. The 3D tours themselves can be adapted depending on their purpose, for example they can be designed to allow the viewer to have control of choosing where in the project they want go and what to see, or they can be set up to take the viewer on a set tour that they can’t control.

Please see below various images produced for clients, as well as an example virtual interactive tour.